Everything around you, the items humans produce and exchange with one another, is currently priced in, what I like to think of as, debt currency digits. This situation did not come about overnight but a slow methodical progression to dominance over the hearts and minds of everyone.

Let us take a second to review the origin and creation of these debt currency digits…

Storing energy for consumption at a later date has always been a priority for humans. This stored energy enabled man to survive and thrive in the ecosystems in which we encountered. Various forms of stored energy existed, but the need to transfer and exchange this stored energy created the term “money”.

Naming, calling or defining something as “money” does not make that item a store of energy. The Chinese were the first to experience the effects of using definitions to dictate human desires when in 1024 AD the regime at that time created fiat currency, by declaring, from nothing, that the region will use pieces of paper, limitless in supply, to transact the various forms of stored energy. Of course this situation did not benefit the individuals acquiring this fiat but certainly supported those who were able to create it from nothing and trade those units for goods and services.

Nearly 1,100 years later we are able to research and review the impacts and effects of this “let it be done” (fiat) money. Ralph T. Foster recently authored “Fiat Paper Money – History and Evolution of Our Currency” the first and most complete authoritative book on the background and evolution of fiat currency notes throughout history.

The implementation, use and failures of fiat currency over time did not stop those who desired the power of creating something from nothing in order to disproportionately acquire more energy for themselves.

The fait accompli was accomplished by mischievous individuals when 97% through the year 1913, President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA signed into law the Federal Reserve Act. Within days of its signing, the first issuance of debt currency created (what we call money today) the federal reserve note (frn).

The progression from 1913 to 1971 eventually eliminated the UNITED STATES NOTE which survived from 1863-1971, redeemable in silver bullion, that circulated alongside the frn for decades.

In 1971 (during what would come to be known as the ‘Nixon Shock‘) a series of economic measures were conducted which would forever change the global economy. In abolishing the Bretton Woods agreement of international convertibility of the frn to gold, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA announced it would no longer redeem any outstanding notes for anything but rely solely on new debt currency digits to sustain itself. This currency is reportedly backed by the full faith and credit of the issuer, but relies solely on the desire of the population to exchange their lives and effort for these debt currency digits.

This currency is how you continue to breath because you were able to purchase caloric energy with those digits. Only one “organization” has been authorized to create these debt digits, the FEDERAL RESERVE (of course this cabal is neither federal nor has any reserves, and the story of its creation is an epic conspiracy to consume banks). Currently, individuals are able to exchange these debt digits for BTUs and food due to the PetroDollar deal Henry Kissinger secured with the House of Saud to price their oil in “dollars”. Of course the word “dollar” originated from the German word “thaler” which was a silver coin minted in Bohemia.

As stated previously, debt currency manifests itself physically in the form of a federal reserve note. A quick look at the definition of a “Note”  yields ‘A note is a debt security obligating repayment of a loan at a set interest rate in a defined time period.’

Now pull out one of these frn’s from your pocket (if you have any) and you will quickly see that there is no repayment schedule, no set interest rate and no defined time period for that repayment in anything. OK, so where does that leave us now? I bet if you were to go to the non-federal no-reserve anti-bank outfit and present them with 1 frn, theoretically they would take it, then to repay you by presenting you with another 1 frn (if you can access their private property that is).

Thinking critically we realize that this debt currency, defined as legal by the lawyers, is only exchangeable for one of its own and represents, simply, an “I OWE YOU” from the non-federal no-reserve anti-bank complex. Now, I am not surprised that no one knows about the Currency Act of 1792.

The worst part of this story happens to occur in how we define our lives. Currently, the world calls this frn, “money”, and everyone desires the digits to acquire more energy, but debt is not energy and this frn cannot acquire any energy from the non-federal no-reserve anti-bank complex which created them, ONLY FROM THE INDIVIDUALS WHO DESIRE THEM.

I coin this the DEBT COMPLEX (it certainly is not a definable system). Given that a note is an IOU and we expend our effort to acquire these debt digits in order to survive and thrive, I challenge that these digits are not money but in fact energy-IOUs.

Let us step back again and review the mathematics of this DEBT COMPLEX. These same energy-IOUs are owed back to the debt complex which created them PLUS interest (payable in those same IOUs). Simple math friends, any number whose growth is expressed in percentage terms will experience an increasing rate of growth. This same “compounding interest” that attracts investors into the corporation stock market increases the level of debt within the complex exponentially.

In an open communication world, no individual would contribute their finite time to acquire a digit that is an IOU, expect to acquire caloric energy in the future with this IOU all while the total number of IOUs in existence is growing at an increasing rate within a finite world.


Fiat declarations continue this economic rat race for our own collective future energy to pass around today by declaring the current value of the complex is proportional to its increasing growth rate.

No, we do not live with and transact “Fiat Money”!

We live in a world that conducts affairs and transfers energy all denominated in debt digits due to the fiat declarations by the complex which provides exchange rates of debt for energy. If you mathematically attempt to solve the equation of the quantity of debt to exchange for energy in a given transaction making no assumptions of future behavior … this equation would not converge, instead, it diverges.

The population is playing a game a musical chairs, with no chairs, but they continue to listen because everyone else is listening.

As Mr. Foster details and makes evidently clear in his research on fiat paper money, the sustainability of these attempts of ruling over definitions relies on the psychology of the underlying population to support the communication of the regimes established.  

Via MtKander.com we will review the various instruments used to maintain this mass psychosis of the population to desire IOUs from the non-federal no-reserve anti-bank complex and provide insight into the orchestra while identifying the frequencies of this debt complex PSYOP to help our readers hear most harmonically.