Greg Michalowski |, July 17, 2017

Well…Well…. The EURUSD is heating up to to the upside.

The 1.1465 level was broken.
The 1.1471 trend line was broken.

We are now moving closer to the high from last week at 1.14889. The swing high from October 2015 came in at 1.1494. Above that level and the 1.1500 level, opens the upside for further gains.

The 1.1465 level was broken twice last week. The first time on Tuesday saw the price close above the level on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, the pair tumbled back lower.  On Friday, we again close above the 1.1465 level – again only by a pip or two.  If today can move away and close further away, it would be more of a break and give buyers more confidence for further upside potential. It also makes staying above the level more important going forward (risk for longs).

Time for the buyers to show if they really mean it and love the EURUSD, or do they just “like” it.  Stay above support at 1.1465-71 to show your love.