If you have ever been paid by a corporation or operated a small or medium sized enterprise, the chances your paycheck arrived due to invoice factoring or commercial paper almost converge to 1.

The world we live in runs on credit. The need for credit arises when an individual needs something today but will pay for it tomorrow. If your thriving lemonade stand needs to pay its workers but the last 10 people claimed they would return with your 25 cents in a couple hours or days, well you know the need for invoice factoring.

Factors Chain International is a global network of leading factoring companies, whose common aim is to facilitate international trade through factoring and related financial services. Currently the FCI network counts 273 factors in 75 countries, actively engaged in more than 80% of the world’s cross-border factoring volume. Fundamentally the world is full of individuals who understand the need to invest in other people to create more opportunities; however, establishments have grown and now control the fund flows to capture a piece of the action while limiting choice.

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With a turnover of € 1,557 billion, in 2015 Europe represented two thirds of the World Market in Factoring. Of this total, the 28 EU countries together realized € 1,471 billion which represents an impressive share of 62% of the total world factoring volume.

Currently, these transactions are all handled in debt denominated currencies. With a growing acceptance of blockchain techniques peculating throughout society and into the individual consciousness a number of engines for this energy economy will thrive.

Initial Coin Offerings have popped up recently to raise the crypto capital claiming to be able to generate future utility to the early adopters and the future stakeholders.


Shown in the image above, the Populous team promises to be the first entrant into this marketplace attempting to bring investors together with small and medium enterprises to a table to bid on invoices offered for cash now. Their pre-ICO sold out providing a boost immediately upon token release peaking near a 40x return. Currently trading on etherdelta for .01143 eth/ppt which represents a 10.63x return (measured in ethereum) to those who purchased during the pre-ico period. The community of ppt holders engages in conversations on their slack channel. This idea manifests as a token on the ERC20 Ethereum Virtual Machine protocol.

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The alpha version of Populous’ platform plans to engage a few limited buyers and sellers to test the capabilities and receive feedback. The founder Steve Nico Williams engages at various times with the user base to discuss current happenings within their group and planned capabilities of the populous token. A growing user base desiring to hold ppt to include passive income investors and institutions to benefit from access to a platform might bring increased value to each early adopter of that potential interconnected communications network.

According to joeingeneral from youtube, the best visual to describe the potential for the populous token value derivation includes multiple avenues to generate wealth is as follows:

One capability discussed in the Populous whitepaper (which was translated into 15+ languages) is implementing the Altman Z score in an attempt to quickly provide another credit rating determination metric utilizing xBRL data, a global standardized business framework, which could unlock a treasure trove of hidden information to be sorted through. A data scientist might mine this sandbox to artistically create applied statistical algorithms with multivariate dimensions to characterize the space in which we find ourselves attempting to unlock value.

Invoice factoring for small and medium enterprises remains an expensive but necessary ordeal to undertake. Late payments and poor sales forecasting can erode any credit capability to a corporation and quickly disrupt their perceived ability to remain a going concern and pay their employees, therefore the need for an efficient cryptographically secure contract platform utilizing a network of stakeholders and institutions to attract business could provide the populous team a significant boost being first to market.

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The evidence materializes proving the capability of employing smart contracts with advanced statistical algorithms in order to challenge the current corporations standing with the loot. The potential value of holding a cryptographic token depends upon the underlying smart contract’s utility and the desire of other humans for that utility.

But remember, you can always balance in the UET  contract… useless ethereum token. I do not know if it is too “smart” though.

Never get stuck holding digits no one wants…