Saturday, May 26 2018


Currently, there is a widespread lack of faith in the established media channels to deliver accurate information which is void of political or commercial agendas. In the case of world events such as foreign policy, regulation changes and conflict, emphasis being placed on these agendas often results in the true story slipping by unnoticed. Additionally, it has been argued that the majority of social media platforms perpetuate (perhaps even amplify) the spread of misinformation.

Because of this, internet has – as have many US based college campuses – turned into an echo chamber of a single ideology. Information, regardless of its validity,  is hidden from the public eye if it does not agree with the mainstream agenda, resulting in a lack of diversity which severely curtails our ability to challenge each other’s ideas and solve problems (together) in creative ways.

It is the Mt. Kander(MTK) team’s belief that ignorance is the greatest threat to not only sound and effective decision making, but mankind itself; and It is our goal to combat all echo-chambers which perpetuate this threat through frank, unbiased, agenda free information and high level analysis, which is free and easily accessible to all. Join us in our pursuit of wisdom through topics which make us feel uncomfortable so that together, we can grow.


-Mt. Kander Founding Team

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